Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Administration Tools  
Administration tool set has a lot more to offer in IIS 7.0 if you compare it to all prior versions of IIS. There are a lot more configuration options with IIS 7.0 administration. For instance, applicationHost.config becomes are focal point of all available configuration options in IIS 7.0. In addition, .NET web.config root file and web.config files for the site start playing more important role in how IIS reacts and behaves towards configuration values stored in those files.

Some of the tools listed here are by no means are complete as a list. There are now custom built toolset by third parties and additional custom built tools produced by Microsoft itself.

Tool #1: IIS Manager is new management console designed to be more intuitive and user friendly. It is focused more on important tasks and rich GUI allows IIS administrators to perform those tasks with ease.

Tool #2: Command line tool called Appcmd.exe. It is next iteration of the command tool which existed in IIS 6.0 server. It can be used to access all of the server settings that you can with the GUI.

Tool #3: Microsoft.Web.Administration API used managed code access to IIS 7.0 server setting. If you are building anything that requires programmatically access to IIS this is your partner…

Tool #4: WMI provider gives you access to all IIS as well as ASP.NET configurations. You can use it to access IIS 6.0 settings as well as it is designed to be backward compatible.

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