Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Manager Window  
Microsoft did a good job at building new rich GUI for managing new version of IIS. It is more intuitive and easy to use. It allows for rapid access to important areas of IIS in fewer clicks as compared to prior versions of IIS Console Application. New IIS Manager is broken down into new areas or panes as Microsoft calls it in official user guide.

Pane #1: Connections pane is positioned on the left side. Connections pane allows you to connect to various components within IIS such as sites, applications and different servers under management.

Pane #2: Central pane is right in the center of IIS Manager window. It is designed to provide two main views within IIS.

  • Features View – lets you view and navigate IIS features as well as administer them. It has direct mapping to your web server configurations.
  • Content View – give you read only view of the content selected for configuration. Tree like view allows you to drill into the IIS content.
Pane #3: Actions pane is positioned on the right side of IIS Manage and you can access task-based and context specific items.
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