Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Installing IIS for ASP.NET  
ASP.NET is the most common type of websites being hosted on IIS. IIS 7.0 is optimized to run ASP.NET application and installation is very standard as a result. Developers usually deploy managed code that they wrote at the same level as native modules provided by Microsoft. There is an integration pipeline that makes this installation and deployment ease.

ASP.NET workload server relies on the Static Content Web Server modules and specific options for ASP.NET can be set.

Below is the list of component being installed when you configure your IIS to use ASP.NET workload server.

Server Manager

Update Name
Static Content IIS-StaticContent
HTTP Errors IIS-HttpErrors
Default Document IIS-DefaultDocument
Logging Tools IIS-LoggingLibraries
Directory Browsing IIS-DirectoryBrowsing
Static Content Compression IIS-HttpCompressionStatic
HTTP Logging IIS-HttpLogging
Request Monitor IIS-RequestMonitor
Request Filtering IIS-RequestFiltering
IIS Management Console IIS-ManagementConsole
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