Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit (SSPDK)  
Recently, Microsoft has just announced the release of the IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit (SSPDK) 1.0. It has been promised that with this release, supplemented support for Fast Forward/Rewind and as well specific for Rough Cut instances are adjuncted as features.

SSPDK is purposely developed for the target of enriching Smooth Streaming players for better playabity experience. The SSPDK kit grants the creation of players particular for On Demand and Live playback events with the incorporation of full DVR capabilities, Multiple Camera Angles, Live Insertion and much more rich functionality specific to player enhancement.

The SSPDK Kit is available for download at this site: Download IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit 1.0 – Beta 2. The kit contains the following features:

Smooth Streaming Player SDK – This feature grants designers and developers to create and build a rich player experience targeting the playability and utilization of Smooth Streaming players. Coupled to this functionality, a particular .net (Silverlight) platformed SDK paired with XAML support has also been developed. The base orientation of this structural feature is the Smooth Streaming Media Element itself which is exactly identical to the Silverlight Media Element, this would cause ease modifications and manipulations if the developer may have already been familiarized with the Silverlight development platform.

Push Encoder – This tool feature permits the simulation process over live stream environments specific for testing and beta evaluation.

Sample Smooth Streaming Player (built on Smooth Streaming Player SDK) – A sampling material for Smooth Streaming Player SDK which grants the developer to run-through tests over the IIS Media Services 3.0.

Since the Smooth Streaming Media Element (SSME) APIs are built for plain structuralized interface which have been focused to designers and developer’s usage, this plain approach of development moreover allows the creation of rich outputs on Smooth Streaming experiences by utilizing the Silverlight platform. APIs dedicated support for fundamental operations alike Play, Pause and Stop as well convoluted methods like Ads and track bit-rate selection particular to Smooth Streaming playback, and many other functionalities.

Enlisted are properties for high level overviews particulars of SSME supports available:

1. Basic Playback controls are: APIs specific to Play, Pause, Stop, etc; Playback and Diagnostics Events; DVR support specific for Live Smooth Streaming; Support for Live event log tracking simultaneous in DVR; Trick Play: Slow Motion; Properties to track position; Advanced Playback Support; Trick Play: Forward / Rewind

2. H.264 / AAC support [included new feature in Beta 2]

3. Monetization has following control: Ad Playback integration – scheduling attributes and Ad tracking visible progression; Rich Analytics paired with IIS Advanced Logging; Live Ad Insertion paired with Live Smooth Streaming; Support for specifying markers/Ad ingestion point over main manifest perimeters

4. Content Protection

5. Playback Track Selection

6. Progressive download specific for Ads and or Content

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