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Web Deploy Tool Installation  
Installing Web Deploy specifically Web Deployment Tool entails a bit of a procedural orientation in accordance with some steps and guidelines. Below are installation specifics and URL customization instructions targeting remote service.

Applications which are included on the installation:

Web Deployment Tool – This specific IIS tool allows code framework management which accords to present platform engine and public APIs. This install portion is the top-level node and is never permitted for removal.

IIS Manager UI Module - A specific UI module included on the installation. This permits the user-ability to process a count of subsets targeting deployment tasks, Web site deployment, Web site redeployment and Web site packaging. This calls for a pre-requisite for II Remote manager of IIS 7.0 installed.
Remote Agent Service - A service limited to Administrators which is platformed on HTTP/HTTPS which permits service admins in connection establishment in the processing of remote operations.
IIS 7.0 Deployment Handler – Am IIS 7.0 specific handler which allow the incorporation of WMSVC for administrators and non-administrators in processing remote operations. Installation requisites are WMSVC paired with IIS 7.0.

Installation Options

Prior to installation, selecting from utilizing a remote server in the processing on live operation in the median of two active servers, or alternately choose to install through offline mode. Remote service is by default on idle and is not started automatically and oriented to be on Manual at startup. Triggering its execution is limitedly required when in an operation and can be halted to stop performing when in no active usage.

The alternate install which is Offline mode process the installation procedure while limited to not having the service. This installation option requisites the creation of a local copy of a site or a specific server then through to manually archiving to its targeted destination.

There are some points in which to be highly considered while installing the remote service. The remote service will only be installed on either the destination or the source specific to sync.

Installing Web Deploy Tool through remote service URL utilization

1. Process an installer download from http://www.iis.net/ specifically Web Deployment Tool on MSI format
2. Execute the MSI file to run the install.
3. Upon the selection prompt, choose a Custom Installation to be able to select which to install.
4. On the remote service node, click to begin installing the remote service.
5. Navigate through and complete the installation.
6. To manually start the service the following command should be run: net start msdepsvc
7. Open port 80 from within the firewall.

Installing Web Deploy Tool by utilizing a custom remote service URL

1. Process am MSI file download the Web Deployment Tool from http://www.iis.net/.
2. On Windows Server 2008 or Windows 2003, open an administrative command prompt.
3. Navigate and alter directory paths targeting the location of the downloaded MSI file.
4. Run these command (where the port and URL are specified, please customize):
msiexec /i /passive ADDLOCAL=ALL LISTENURL=http://+:8080/MSDEPLOY2/
5. Process a manual service startup by executing these commands: net start msdepsvc
6. Ensure that the selected port is open in the firewall. The Web Deploy Tool will be specifically installed to %programfiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy. This root destination can never be changed.

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