Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Configure IIS Handler Mappings  
IIS Handlers are designed to process request made to a website hosted in IIS. The IIS Handlers provide a mechanism of mapping resources located in the Web Server to requests made to the Web Server. It is essential in generating appropriate responses for those requests.

For instance, when user clicks on a web page, which is part of the website hosted on the web server, IIS makes determination as of what kind of handler to use. This mechanism of determination in turn utilizes the IIS Handler Mappings. If user requests .aspx file with the a GET command, IIS calls to handler mappings and then invokes the required handler. The Handler process the request and IIS returns a result to the user’s browser or another type of client that user used to access web server

There are several built in handlers that come with the default IIS 7 installation. They are HTML, ASP and ASP.NET handlers. In case you need to configure Handler Mappings for another type, you need to start up IIS Handler Mappings module within IIS. See pic. #1

IIS Handler Mappings
pic 1.

You need to click on the icon twice in order to bring up IIS Handler Mappings panel. See pic. #2. You will be able to see a list of preconfigured Handler Mappings as well as configure one yourself.

 IIS Handler Mappings Panel
pic 2.

For example, we were to be tasked with making PHP files run on our IIS web server, (This is very much possible with the FastCGI module that you can install on your server.) and we have this module installed in the C:\php\php-cgi.exe directory. We then need to configure the IIS Handler Mappings in order to utilize this module for PHP file rendering. In order to do that, we need to click on the “Add Module Mappings…” option which is part of the Actions panel on the right side and populated required fields. See pic. #3 for more details.

Add Module Mapping
pic. 3

We need to fill out Request Path, Module, Executable, Path and Name fields in order for the FastCGI Handler to work.
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