Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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IIS Application Development Features  
IIS application development features provide support for dynamic content being run on the IIS. Content includes ASP.Net, ISAPI and some legacy technologies such as ASP.

There are seven modules that comprise IIS Application Development Features. They are listed below with the short description for each of these modules.

  • NetFxExtensibility - helps to host .NET framework manaded extennsions.
  • ISAPIModule - help ISAPI manage client requests
  • ISAPIFilterModule - helps ISAPI to modify IIS behavior
  • CGIModule - supports CGI exe
  • ServerSideIncludeModule - manages .stm, .shtm, and .shtml include files
  • ASP - helps IIS to host classic ASP
  • ASP.NET - helps IIS to run host ASP.NET applications
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