Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Security Feature  
IIS security feature is one of the important features since it is responsible for securing your websites, installation process and authenticatino and authorization.

IIS Security Feature helps manage users and requests issued against IIS Server. It relies heavily on Windows Security as well. For instance, it uses Windows Authentication, Basic Authentication and other Windows based security mechanisms.

There are several modules being part of IIS that are available under the Security Features.

  • BasicAuthModule - relies on Windows user id and user password for connection authentication
  • DigestAuthModule - used to authenticate client by providing hashed password to Windows.
  • WindowsAuthModule - uses Windows Kerberos to authenticate
  • CertificateAuthModule - uses client certificates with AD to authenticate
  • AnonymousAuthModule - defaults to this authentication method when all other methods fail.
  • IPSecurityModule - uses IP address to allow or deny access for the users.
  • UrlAuthorizationModule - provides access authorization based on the URL.
  • RequestFilteringModule - helps in setting up rules to block certain requests coming from clients.
  • IISCertificateMapping - helps with Certificate mapping authentication using IIS certs.
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