Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Health and Diagnostics modules  
IIS Health monitoring prevents IIS from being out of service without IIS admins being aware of it. It is in fact one of the building block for the new IIS web server.

IIS Health and Diagnostics modules does consume extra CPU resource and often are disabled in production IIS environments. The IIS admin use it to figure our performance bottlenecks and service degradations on staging or testing boxes that replicate production IIS set up.

There are several modules that come with IIS as listed below.

  • HttpLoggingModule - logs all of the web site activity for the particular IIS web server.
  • CustomLoggingModule - helps establish custom logging mechanisms for web servers and web applications.
  • RequestMointorModule - module is designed to monitor helth of the sites and servers.
  • HTTPTracingModule - makes tracnig for the ASP.NET web applicatinos possible.
  • ODBCLogging - supports logging for the databases utalizing ODBC
  • LoggingLibraries - installs requried logging tools and logging scripts.
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