Saturday, April 20, 2019
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URL Rewrite in IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5  
Microsoft introduced URL rewrite component as demand for user friendly URLs was growing big. There were custom build modules by third parties that people used but IIS never had native URL rewrite module before IIS 7.0.

URL Rewrite makes integration with existing IIS features seamless. As a result, it is very robust platform with improved performance and management over its closest rivals.

URL Rewrite supports both user-mode and kernel-mode as well as Failed Request Tracing. You can now see where client request failed and why these failure occurred.

Here is a list of some of the notable features introduced in IIS 7 URL Rewrite module.

  • Rules-based rewrite engine
  • Support for .NET rewrite providers
  • Support for Regular expressio
  • Support for rewriting within the HTML content
  • Support for pre-conditions for outbound rules
  • Access to HTTP Headers and other server variables
  • Support for everse proxy
  • Logging
  • Support for Apache mod_rewrite rule
  • Support maps rewrite for changed URLs
In order to start up URL rewrite module you need to open up your IIS and navigate to URL Rewrite module. See Pic. 1

IIS URL Rewrite

You need t double click on URL Rewrite on order to open up its configuration screen which looks like Pic. 2

Configure URL Rewrite

Configuration panel provides with two major areas where you can find inbound and outbound rules. If you start up URL for the first time you will see those areas as empty. In order to start adding rules inbound or outbound you need to click on the link "Add Rule(s)" in the Actions panel on the right side. See Pic. 3

Add URL Rewrite Rule

You can see that there are several templates available for you to start writing riles. Some of these templates are: Blank Rule, Request Blocking, Rule with Rewrite Map and others. These templates exist for both inbound and outbound rules that you can set up using URL Rewrite for your SEO.
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