Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS SEO Toolkit  
The IIS SEO Toolkit provides you with the way to improve your site quality and boost your Search Engine ranking. There are two different modes that you can run the IIS SEO Toolkit. You can point the SEO Toolkit at the top level URL of your IIS and the SEO Tool kit will be able to parse any site on the web just like normal Search Engine would. It can also parse your specific site that you have within your IIS 7.0.

The IIS SEO Toolkit is designed to provide you with the comprehensive picture of your entire website and help you with such issues as broken links, missing content or malformed HTML tags, poor cross linking and other important aspect of your website content.

Let us start with the IIS SEO Toolkit by opening it up from within our IIS Management panle. See pic. 1 for details.

IIS SEO Toolkit Start
Pic. 1

Double click Search Engine Optimization icon within IIS Management panel. You are going to see the following screen with several options that you can choose. The first option is probably the most important. It allows you to run analysis and provides you with all necessary feedback about your website. Second option helps you to create site maps. Third option helps you to create Robots.txt Search Engine Inclusion and Exclusion file.See pic. 2 for details.

IIS SEO Toolkit Panel
Pic. 2

Lets explore first option by clicking on "Create a new analysis" link. You should be able to the following screen. See pic 3.

IIS SEO Toolkit Panel
Pic. 3

This is our main IIS SEO Toolkit configuration panel for analyzing websites and it is called "Site Analysis". We can provide an array of information if we expand Advanced Setting section on the screen such as Name, Start URL, Maximum number of URL, Maximum size per URL etc... We then need to click on the little icon positioned right after Start URL text box to check if your site URL is correct and press OK button. This will start up website parsing and analysis.

It takes about 15 minutes for the site with 10000 pages to get parsed in and analyzed based on our experience running this tool. At the end of 15 minutes you will be able to see a report similar to the report displayed below. See pic 4.

IIS SEO Site Analysis Report
Pic. 4

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