Saturday, April 20, 2019
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WebDAV IIS 7.0 and 7.5 Extension  

WebDAV Extension is an IIS 7.0 compatible augmentation which promises Web authors the capability to publish contents at a straightforward and highly secured manner directed to target IIS 7.0 Web servers. Web hosts and administrators are of complete manageability over WebDAV setting by utilizing IIS 7.0 configuration and management tools since it is passively integrated.


Per-site level publishing configuration


WebDAV for IIS 7.0 is capable of site level configuration which permits the IT administrator with the restriction values over WebDAV access over particular sites within a server.


Secure and Straightforward Publishing rooted from IIS 7.0 Manager with base call codes


WebDAV for IIS 7.0 is platformed over HTTP standards with WebDAV extensions. This as well integrates direct and straightforwardly with the new IIS 7.0 Manager permitting to gain high level of publishing security particularly for contents that utilizes HTTP bridged over SSL.


Lost Update Overwrite Deterrence


IIS 7.0 WebDAV supports elements of exclusive and shared locks as deterrent measures from updates loss by accidental overwrites.


Auditing and Security Enhancement by Authorization Support


IIS 7.0 WebDAV is inclusive of platform support for per URL-auditing rules. This feature then permits the administrators in the direct identification of custom WebDAV security setting which is based over a per-URL factoring. This type of functionality provides administrators the capacitive ability to sustain a single set of security setting under standard HTTP requests; also a different set of security settings is implemented for WebDAV authoring.


Functional Attributes


  • Straightforward implementation on IIS 7.0 Manager
  • Compliant HTTP standard with direct WebDAV extension
  • HTTP over SSL Support
  • Configuration functionality on Per-site targets
  • Shared and exclusive lock support
  • Authoring rules on per-URL basis
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