Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Web Deploy 2.0 IIS Extension  

Web Deploy or Web Deployment Tool abridges the simplification of processes such as management, deployment and migration of materials factorized on IIS Web servers, web sites and Web applications. Command line scripting can be utilized in the synchronization procedures for IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0 servers as well as in the migration of IIS 6.0 directed to IIS 7.0. This as well capacitates administrators and users specifically to utilize the deployment of ASP.net and PHP application through IIS Manager directed to IIS 7.0 Server.


Web Application Migration on platforms IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0


Simplified data migration through Web Deploy 2.0 from in between platforms IIS 6.0 and II 7.0 by the feature of advance previews for future alterations, as pre-calculated before the process.  


Efficient Synchronization of Server Farm


Web Deploy functions to capably synchronize sites, server and application over an IIS 7.0 server farm by the process of pre-identification of the property variance in between a source content and destination content which then only process the transmittal of altered properties which requires alterations.


Straightforward Packaging, Archiving and Deployment of Web Applications


Web Deploy capacitates the administrators and users to process the packaging of a specific configuration and content on installed Web applications. This is inclusive of Web application, database, storage and redeployment packages. Web Deploy 2.0 can also be utilized with Visual Studio 2010 in the streamlining of Web application and Web server deployment. For the installation of community web applications, Web Deploy 2.0 also functions with Web Platform Installer.


Functional Attributes


  • Simplified Integration over platforms alike IIS 7.0 Manager and Visual Studio 2010 for creation, packaging and deployment purposes both locally and remotely.
  • Simplified integration over Web platform installer for the installation of community web applications
  • Web application packaging with functionalities inclusive to packaging a Web application and Sites, ACLs, COM, GAC, registry settings. Live server and zipped packages support could be for either source or destination
  • Web application deployment with functionalities such as limited account privilege in deployment methods to either admin and non-admin users; incorporation of IIS 7.0 Web Management Service (WMSVC) specific to non-admin for remote deployment
  • Web server migration and synchronization capabilities alike synchronization or direct migration of an entire web server, web application or a web site; detects and limitedly synchronizes altered data; detects omitted dependencies while under synchronization procedure
  • Procedures and directives can be performed over command line or alternatively over public APIs


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