Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Web Farm Framework  

Microsoft Web Farm Framework or WFF 2.0 for IIS 7 permits straightforward factoring alike scaling, provisioning and management of servers with multiple counts which are then dedicated to administrators and respective hosting groups. Multiple servers provisioning can be utilized by administrators, as well as deployment and scaling procedures. Operations are also allowed to be executed over a server or a server farm by the utilization of a unified interface.


Deployment and Provisioning Unified


Web Farm Framework 2.0 has been created to grant users the capability to create server groups and to configure provisioning by a single automated process. Customization properties are inclusive of policy, content add-up and, etc.


Load Balancing and Elastic Scale Feature


Web Farm Framework 2.0 incorporates with Application Request Routing or ARR for the processes of elastic scale and load balancing. WFF integrates with third party software created for load balancing specifics which enhance the capacity for swapping, adjunction and upgrading through the simplification of present workable elements.


Server and Farm Management Abridged


Web Farm Framework 2.0 delivers a plain user interface perspective for status and operation monitoring within a farm. WFF 2.0 can utilize the server farm to programmatically execute the Web Farm Framework’s API to interact with cmdlets specific to Windows PowerShell.


Functional Attributes


    • Single action provisioning of supplemented farm servers
    • Platform Provisioning through he utilization of Web PI
    • Utilization of Web Deploy for Application Provisioning
    • Provisioning methods through Policy-based approach
    • Installation of supplemented platform components as well as added content
    • Down time reduction through load balancing integration by utilizing ARR
    • Up-to-date trace logs and status values specific to server farm servers
    • Extensible model which warrants the user to write supplemented providers
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