Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Bit Rate Throttling in IIS 7.0 and 7.5  

Another IIS Media Services extension is Bit Rate Throttling – procedurally meters the network cost values by measuring the download speed of specific media and data files. It automatically detects encoded bit rates classified into 11 typical media formats inclusive of the following: Windows Media Video (WMV), and MPEG 4 (MP4), Flash Video (FLV). This then procedurally throttles the response values into the client which the administrators have configured over throttling rules.


Bandwidth cost reduction without limiting end-user proficiency


Bit Rate Throttling controls the rate and count values of a media which has been delivered over an HTTP bridge, thus effectively controls network bandwidth costs. Throttling rates are configured over the server-side by utilizing server-side rules and or by making automatic adjustments for the rate counts and download measures detectable through media files which has been encoded on bit rate platforms. In the event that bit rate is not being utilized, the download speed is managed to reach maximum download speed.


Extra bandwidth Dynamic Throttling Distribution


Bit Rate Throttling grants the ability to conduct dynamic splitting of the total available bandwidth which is distributed over contemporaneous users. If the billing setup is accorded to a 95th percentile rating over per byte data counts, this feature fairly distributes any extra available bandwidth and delivers it dynamically and is fractioned to all existent users. If new users come into play, then dynamic throttling restructures the bandwidth distribution to be fairly delivered in exact fractions.


Extend throttling distributed to different content types


Bit Rate Throttling permits the adjunction of throttling support and automatic detection for specific media formats platformed under extensible builds.


Functional Attributes


  • Straightforward incorporation with IIS 7.x Manager
  • Compatible with: .m4v,.asf,.flv, .avi,.mov, .wmv, .mp4, .rm, .mp3, .rmvb, and .wma
  • Dynamic throttling variations on:
    • Various file types over respective encoded bit rates
    • Available connection bandwidth
    • Throttling rates on default and maximum fractions
    • Simultaneous connection borders
    • Targeted throughput fraction rate specific for the site
  • Configurable throttling levels for site, server, and virtual directory
  • Ability to enable extra file types and other media formats 
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