Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Live Smooth Streaming in IIS 7.0 and 7.5  
Live Smooth Streaming for IIS Media Services 3.0 is an extension which capacitates the process of adaptive streaming of live proceedings into Smooth Streaming clients alike Microsoft Silverlight 3. The delivery is projected under HTTP scaling by the utilization of existent HTTP networks awhile preserving contents which are rendered on HD 720p+ format targeted for live Web broadcasts.

Engagement Times on Extensive Forms

Live Smooth Streaming provides users the most possible output media viewing format the technology of today can offer. Content owners and providers concentrate on video quality as per audience preference, but oftentimes sacrifice this since bandwidth issues block the possibility. Due to Live Smooth Streaming, it is made close to possibility to stream high definition videos on a low bandwidth yet rendered smoothly and perfectly as it could.

Smooth Streaming is adaptive to procedurally stream quality outputs basing the rendering on the present connection speed of a user, which then projects that a consumer with high bandwidth rates will be able to experience near HD quality to true HD at 720p+ stream ratio. Live Smooth Streaming also detects other connection speeds below HD rendering capacity and delivers the best possible frame rate that the bandwidth can achieve.

Live Video on Selected Rendering Preferences

Live Smooth Streaming capacitates MS Silverlight players to be responsive to common PVRs or Personal Video Recorder-designed interfaces. This permits the live and real time event groupings counted in progressions to simply seek from the beginning of the track, also to rewind to some highlight points. This is made possible when paired to MS Silverlight.

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