Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Smooth Streaming Client  

IIS Smooth Streaming Client permits the user to create rich client proficiencies which claims full usability advantage of IIS Smooth Streaming competencies. IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.1 grants the utilization of Silverlight players in the rendering of either live or on-demand Smooth Streaming. This is inclusive of client side operating features alike Play, Pause and Stop. Also complex functions like Instant Replay, Multiple Camera Angles, Full DVR and Fast Forward/Rewind.


IIS Smooth Streaming Client APIs are commonly benefitted from by users in the provision of a plain interface in the production of an enhanced Smooth Streaming occurrence while bridged over Silverlight platform. Rooted from .NET Framework APIs, this grants the support for plain and common functionalities like Play, Pause and Stop. Also works for advanced functions like bit rate tracking and selection, advertisement scheduling and, etc.


Smooth Streaming Client is the base element of the open source build Silverlight Media Framework. In most cases, the Silverlight Media Framework is considered to be an extensible platform in the creation of new Silverlight players which would be supported under Smooth Streaming functionalities.


Smooth Streaming Client supports these inclusive features:


  • Common playback controls:
    • APIs respective to  Play, Pause, Stop
    • Playback and diagnostics events variables
    • Position tracking properties and others
  • Highly developed playback support:
    • Live Smooth Streaming DVR support
    • DVR live events tracking support
    • Exclusive Trickplay with functions such as: slow motion, rewind, fast-forward
    • Support for Multiple Audio Language
    • Captions and subtitles text stream support
  • Offline playback scenarios Support
  • Support for H.264/AAC
  • Monetization Equivalents
    • Projected integration of Ad playback such as tracking ad progress and scheduling capabilities
    • IIS Live Smooth Streaming Live ad insertion
    • IIS Advanced Logging rich analytics
    • APIs variable analytics
    • Main manifest exterior support for markers and ad ingestion points
  • Content Protection variables such as PlayReady specific to VC-1 & H.264 content
  • Rough Cut Editing (RCE) Composite manifest support
  • Playback Track Selection such as bit rate restriction, multiple camera angle support in a single stream and others
  • Progressive download ads and content support

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