Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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IIS Smooth Streaming Format SDK 1.0  

IIS Smooth Streaming Format SDK 1.0 Beta 2 supplies samples, tools and documentations specific for usage in the creation of software programs which procedurally process the packaging methods for encoded video and audio bitstreams both for the utilization of live smooth and on-demand Smooth Streaming events. Also, the SDK provisions the content encryption for Microsoft PlayReady DRM.


Smooth Streaming Format (SSF) SDK Major Components:


  • Static-linked packaging library (SSFsdk.lib) paired with header files
  • Binaries samples (dshowhlp.lib)
  • Code and documentation samples

Smooth Streaming Format SDK API has been created and projected to handle variables of encoded video and audio bitstream like: H.264, VC-1, WMA, AAC.


Applications used for encoding are those which will be utilized in the conversion of encoded bitstreams backed by API into apportioned MP4, f-MP4 files. This should be in compliance with IIS Smooth Streaming and as well with Protected Interoperable File Format (PIFF) conditions.


Smooth Streaming Format SDK has been created to be available for use on different settings such as the following:


  • Video and audio samples encoded over mux (VC-1/WMA, H.264/AAC) and is fragmented into MP4 chunks
  • Valid Smooth Streaming files and manifests generation within an encoding application
  • Smooth Streaming files output validation over the latest format specifications
  • New or existing Smooth Streaming content encryption utilizing Play Ready DRM.
  • Software application creation which can capacitate contented broadcast through Smooth Streaming with low latency feed




Complete procedural progression as a whole is initialized by the encoding of applications which reads source contents from the master of mezzanine level file roots, and then process encoding into VC-1 closed GOP and WMA audio file samples, and alternatively into H.264 format and AAC audio samples. These samples are delivered into the Format SDK input which is then controlled by the samples which are as well continually delivered into the SDK for MP4 fragment requests at times each are inappropriate. The encoding application subsequently processes the writing of the fragments directly into disk in .ismv of .isma files. Also, it queries the application for requests of authenticated manifests rooting from the SDK and then is written directly into the disk. The files which are validated to be compliant with IIS Smooth Streaming and as well for Protected Interoperable File Format (PIFF) are finally readied for playback on IIS Servers.

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