Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Transform Manager 1.0 Beta - IIS Extension  

Transform Manager is a Microsoft media of extensible property which has proprietary media transform engine which accounts the ability to procedurally enable [Watch Folder] job submission, management, queuing, batch encryption, media transmuxing and transcoding, all are respective to on-demand audio and video files.


Transform manager procedurally incorporates with Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 which grants users in the methodical queue up of multiple encoding jobs varied on different input folders or Watch Folders which is housed on a server. Subsequently, this process the Job Template limited to per job accounts on specific output folders. This permits certain effective methods like IIS Smooth Streaming presentations and will deliver those into IIS Media Services 4.0 Web folders packed with Microsoft Silverlight media players. Transform Manager also permits the quick responsive conversion or transmuxing of H.264-based Smooth Streaming presentations which are directed into MPEG-2 Transport Stream portions and also property manifests of adaptive streaming paired to Apple iOS devices.

Functional Attributes


IIS Transform Manager 1.0 Beta is limited to these functions:


  • Existing content library conversion - During the conversion process, this utilizes the integrated Expression Encoder 4 in the methodical transcoding of existing Windows Media Video content and or MP4 files. This then outputs these into MBRs of multiple-bit-rate encoding for Watch Folders which are directed into existent contents, also process transcoding and delivery of full Smooth Streaming as well as with Silverlight player rendering for Web servers.
  • MP4 files Transmuxing for Smooth Streaming - Process the repackaging of encoded fragments contained in .mp4 file handlers for Smooth Streaming file containers such as .ismv, .isma without the need for re-encoding
  • Apple iOS devices file transmuxing – Easily drop existent Smooth Streaming presentations directly into a Watch Folder for batch-transmuxing these files into MPEG-2 Transport Stream portions and manifest files. This process capacitates the distribution rooting from the IIS Smooth Streaming extension directed into supported Apple mobile devices with iOS platforms


Other functions of Transform Manager Beta 1.0 are: DRM encryption application, Constant transcode and ingest, Watch Folders Monitoring, Improved Logging Application, HPC Scaling, Granularly credential management, Task-chaining, and custom task creation.

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