Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Web Playlists - IIS Extension  

IIS Media Server Web Playlists extension grants hosters and developer’s unparalleled manipulation over media contents which are being methodically delivered to users. Customization features capacitates the possibility to deliver monetized media through the adjunction of in-stream or a pre-roll video ads. This then identifies the content which needs delivery basing it from the session history and from configurable rules of a specific server.

Digital Media Files Playback Control rooted from IIS through Playlists

Web Playlists extension grants the user to create server-controlled sequences which are delimited to sequenced digital media contents; also this delimits caching of content on user machines. Distributed playlists secures direct content URLs and permits the possible monetization of content variables through advertising. Web Playlists are designed over IIS platform by the use of a format built structure on W3C Synchronized Multimedia Interface Language (SMIL).


Media monetization methods without pacifying advertising variables


Web Playlist grants control management on order and playback terms of specific media contents, and alternatively limits end-users from avoiding advertising contents.


Existent application extensions over management of playlist formats


The default creation and delivery of Web Playlists are plain and easy. Alternatively, customization alike altering the content of every client-side playlist by the procedural implementation of custom providers and as well by utilizing any existent PHP, ASP and other Web applications are a bit complex. Client-side playlist outputs are transformable to varied XML formats through the utilization of Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL).


Functional Attributes


  • Straightforward incorporation with IIS 7.x Manager interface
  • Defaulted compatibility with common media types like, .avi, .asf, .m4v, .flv,.mov, .mp3, .rmvb, .mp4, .wma .rm, and .wmv
  • Session settings can be configured as:
    • Persistence rate per session
    • Span count with session life
    • Numeric count of projected concurrent connections
    • Content amount value that needs rendering before a skip is permitted
  • Client-side playlists importing and conversion to (.asx) and (.isx)
  • Playlists of nested orientation
  • Customizable client-side caching control
  • Protected media assets inclusion through impersonation
  • Actual content location through tokenized URLs
  • Custom logic in .NET or COM implementation through extensible architectural elements
  • Management control through extensible output formats by utilizing XSLT
  • Server side playlists housed within a fully-compliant SMIL subset
  • Dynamic adjunction of HTTPD references directly into a Web application like ASP, ASPX or PHP page
  • Can be paired up with Bit Rate Throttling for certain usage points
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