Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Windows Media Services 2008  

Microsoft Windows Media Services 2008 is a downloadable service extension platformed to work over all Windows Server 2008 versions. It is proprietary scalable and an inexpensive streaming media server which effectively distributes live and on demand content through the internet or intranet. This targets Windows Media Player and Microsoft Silverlight.


Windows Media Services 2008 supports server core installation which grants deducted footprint values for streaming scenarios of fixed functional attributes, also has property for cache/proxy elements.


Functional Attributes


Windows Media Services features and functionalities tagged it as a perfect choice as a media server for the distribution of on-demand high-quality live streaming proficiencies.


Multicast Streaming Capacities


Multicast Streaming is grants the distribution of Windows Media Services to stream over to a multicast IP address present over a network, as well distributed to all clients which is subscribed under similar stream platforms.


Cache/Proxy Control


WMS Cache/Proxy plugin has been incorporated as a built-in functionality usable in the configuration of Windows Media Server which could either be factorized as cache/proxy server or alternatively as a reverse proxy server for caching and proxy provision dedicated for Windows Media Services.


Server Core Installation Process


Server Core installation option is a fully functional mode which does not cover the server graphic user interface and limited to administrators. This requires few values for maintenance and update levels. In the event that a security issue has been identified, patching is ignored.


Fast Start Feature


Fast Start eliminates buffer values thus provides instant and continual playback.


Play-Archive Simultaneously


Broadcast contents are archivable into files and are available for rebroadcasting and on-demand play simultaneous to archiving while broadcasting.


AutoStart Broadcast

During playback, in the circumstance of interruption due to certain factors, broadcast publishing points are programmable to restart automatically each time Windows Media server starts. This function eliminates playback and broadcast disruptions while viewing streaming contents.


Absolute Playlist Time


Absolute Playlist Time supplements the playlist timing wallclock.


URL Modifiers for Encoder Failover


In the event that the encoder fails, Windows Media Services is configurable to root out contents through an alternate or other content source which has been pre-identified using URL modifiers.

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