Saturday, April 20, 2019
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FastCGI for IIS  

IIS Fast CGI grants common application structures which are platformed under FastCGI protocol the functionality to be hosted on an IIS web server oriented in an efficient and quality condition. FastCGI delivers alternative approach usability with the Common Gateway Interface or CGI which is a standardized process in the interfacing of applications of external nature direct to Web servers which has been platformed as IIS feature-set.


Straightforward execution of non-thread safe application frameworks on IIS


Fast CGI provides a runtime environment which is oriented as single-threaded which is secured for non-thread application FastCGI to be executed reliably by applications which are under IIS production environments.


CGI Programs performance enhancements


FastCGI are inherent to CGIs by provisioning a mechanism which will utilize the process of re-use for multiple request values thus enhance performance of CGI programs over its conventional methods.


Multiple application frameworks versions hosting on a single server


FastCGI has proprietary configuration setting which permits multiple application framework hosting of dissimilar version within a single IIS server.


Functional Attributes


  • Per-process environment variables configuration
  • Maximum number of FastCGI processes which are configurable per application pool
  • Maximum number of requests which FastCGI process are allowed to handle prior to  recycling configurable through FastCGI
  • Idle timeout for the optimization of resource utilization over a server are as well configurable
  • TCP based communication channel and Named Pipes as median of FastCGI processes and FastCGI handler
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