Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Windows Cache Extension for PHP - IIS Extension  

Windows Cache Extension for PHP is an IIS extension design to accelerate PHP applications which are paltformed on Windows and Windows Servers. Upon enabling Windows Cache Extension for PHP and also PHP engine has been preloaded, PHP applications are able to utilize Windows Cache Extension for PHP in the functional speed-up of applications.


PHP bytecode caching for memory as PHP application speed-up


Windows Cache Extension for PHP houses PHP bytecode which are packed PHP scripts which are made available in memory for usability with the speed increase of total PHP application performance. The utilization of Windows Cache Extension for PHP grants PHP bytecodes to be produced once, and would be re-usable every time PHP script has been re-executed.


I/O overhead file system reduction through PHP memory scripts caching


Windows Cache Extension for PHP is designed for latency reduction each time PHP scripts are housed within a remote UNC file share. Windows Cache Extension for PHP process the inclusion of a file system cache which is then utilized to be housed as contents of PHP script files as shared memory simultaneously reducing file system operation counts done through PHP engine.


User Cache API’s leveraging for PHP script execution speed-up


Windows Cache Extension grants the user cache APIs the permit to let PHP scripts utilize this in the procedural store-up of PHP variables and elements within a shared memory


Redundant mapping exclusion respective to absolute paths by the utilization of relative file path cache


Windows Cache Extension for PHP process the caching event of absolute and relative file paths. Also, this decreases the count of relative path resolution values which are done by the use of PHP engine, thus this alternatively increases speed for the conversion of absolute paths since those are processed only once.


Functional Attributes


  • Support for PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3
  • Configurable values for file cache
  • Configurable values for PHP opcode cache
  • Variables for User Cache API's
  • Support for file change notification
  • PHP sessions WinCache handler
  • File path cache of Relative property
  • Cache status information retrieval through PHP
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