Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS URL Rewrite 2.0  

IIS URL Rewrite 2.0 grants Web administrators the procedural designing of rules for URL implementation which would considerably be easy for users in search engine look-up. Rewrite maps, .NET providers, template rules and other functionalities of IIS Manager are utilized in URL rewriting. This allows administrators to process the creation of custom responses, redirects and HTTP request halts.


Complex URLs simplified into consistent Web addresses


URL Rewrite grants Web administrators straightforward buildup of rules for rewrite coded under .NET. Rules are written to produce URLs which can be easily indexed and formatted as canonical host names.


Web application URL substitution for search engine friendly results


URL Rewrite grants Web administrators straightforward substitution of URLs which was produced by Web application as HTML request reverts with a friendly variable specific for search engines.


Incorporation with existent IIS features for performance, management, and troubleshooting


URL Rewrite is designed to work with IIS Manager and as well supports kernel-mode and user-mode caching methods.


Functional Attributes


  • URL rewriting engine through Rules-based properties
  • Rewriting engine utilized for Rules-based response
  • Custom .NET rewrite providers support
  • Matching capacities for regular expression
  • Matching capacities for Wildcard Pattern
  • Rules for distributed and global rewrites
  • Content rewriting of particular HTML tags
  • Pre-conditions specific to outbound rules
  • HTTP headers and server variables Access
  • HTTP request headers and server variables rewriting
  • HTTP response headers rewriting
  • Server variables listing
  • Function for HtmlEncode
  • Template for built-in rules
  • Template for reverse proxy rule
  • Search Engine Optimization rule templates
  • Redirect and request abort rule actions
  • Rule conditions for tracking capture groups
  • Rewritten URLs logging
  • IIS Manager updated user interface
  • Rewrite maps and managing rewrite rules with specific user interface
  • Apache mod rewrite rules importing with specific user interface
  • Regular expression testing and wildcard patterns specific user interface
  • IIS kernel-mode and user-mode output caching support
  • Functionality for lowercase conversion
  • Rewrite maps for substitution URL generation simultaneous to rewriting
  • Support for Failed Request Tracing
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