Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Application Request Routing and Reverse Proxy  

IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) 2.5 capacitates hosting providers, Web server administrators and Content Delivery Networks or CDNs the procedural increase of Web applications by host name affinity, rule-based routing, HTTP server requests load balancing, and rationalized disk caching.


Efficient load balancing over servers for maximum resource usability


IIS Application Request Routing grants administrators the ability to create rules platformed over HTTP headers and URL variables in identifying exact and allowable Web application server specific for every request value.


Multiple server farms easy monitoring and management


ARR grants hosters and administrators the ability to manage, create and load balance rules over server farms through IIS Manager.


Bandwidth usage optimization and server capacity scaling by disk caching methods


ARR can cache HTTP traffic on disk over a server. This is done through the combination of disk caching and with IIS Web servers which runs CDNs and ARR. This effectively process network traffic reduction which directs to the point of server.


Functional Attributes


  • HTTP based routing through pre-examined HTTP request information
  • Advanced load balancing algorithms for identifying correct servers that will call HTTP requests
  • Live traffic and specific URLs health monitoring | Configuration parameters provided for  baseline server health standardization
  • All requests redirection based on client affinity rooted from a particular client to a particular server through cookies usage.
  • Web servers host name affinity for supplemented business projections
  • Multiple server farms management for A/B piloting testing events
  • Management and monitoring through IIS Manager interface
  • Failed Request Tracing Rules support
  • Caching through disk-based variables
  • Hierarchy management caching
  • Proxy node CDN/ECN runtime caching
  • Compressed objects caching
  • Cached contents browsing through IIS Manager
  • Cached contents removal through URL patterns matching
  • Cache-control override procedures
  • Cache mode warming up processes
  • Support for intelligent byte-range
  • Support for intelligent live request
  • Caching simultaneous to serving responses


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