Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS 7.0 and 7.5 Administration Pack Extension  

Administration Pack is an IIS 7.0 extension which supplements the management functional packs which was included to IIS 7.0 that has ASP.NET Authorization Administration UI support, Request Filtering, FastCGI configuration and other features. This feature also has an included configuration editor which is used to alter configuration variables for IIS 7.0 config settings, and as well can procedurally produce scripts for task repetitions.


Supplemented Feature management through IIS Manager UI Extensions


IIS Administration Pack user interface extension permits administrator to have experience a streamlines configuration process particularly for IIS Manager with features that are before have been only limited to direct editing and configuration file scripting. UI extensions capacitates IIS Manager users the ability to edit FastCGI settings  alike ASP.NET authorization modification, custom error settings, new file handler creation and HTTP request filtering setup rule variables.


Configuration files management through the utilization of Configuration Editor


Configuration editor capacitates the utilization of IIS Manager in altering variables for attributes, elements, sections, and collections within IIS configuration files. Also, Configuration editor grants configuration files modification control by block placement or removal. Another feature which aids the automation of configuration tasks is the script generation which parallels configuration editor’s actions.



Configuration Manager Attributes


  • Viewing and modification which has been identified and rooted from the configuration schema
  • Utilization of JavaScript, managed code, and Command Line for code generation to be used in task automation
  • Scoped searches performance paralleled to the configuration system targeted for all the sections and variables



UI Extensions Features specific for IIS Manager


  • FastCGI user interface utilized in settings and tasks management alike new file handler supplementation
  • ASP.NET user interface utilized for authorization and custom errors settings management specific to targeting ASP.NET applications
  • HTTP Request filtering user interface utilized for rule definition which targets Web applications protection through HTTP requests rejection with syntax variables containing potentially dangerous content alike non-ASCII characters and double-encoding.
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