Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Advanced Logging  
Advance Logging extension for IIS Media Services capacitates server side logs and real-time clients quality media proficiency bridged over HTTP platforms. Advanced Logging permits third-party analytics provides straightforward and real-time data access. Also, the metric set extensibility is rooted from the server to the client tor vice-versa.

Real-time Logging and Data Collection variables

Advance Logging supplements extensible real-time logging and data collection features. This bridges over HTTP response headers and HTTP requests and IIS server variables on the client-side for end-user engagement tracking. Per IIS application log generation, hierarchical logging implementation, and module custom logging are the main functionalities that the Advance Logging provides.

Custom Variables for Media Metrics

Advance Logging produces a complete set of configurable W3C-standard log files. This allows site administrators tailor logs, server logs, and real-time client generation targeting metric tracking needed for the supplementation of multiple log files. Advance Logging is able of multiple log creation specific to requests and queries as well as every log are inclusive of data which is paralleled to the log attributes. Analysis simplification is done by service data quality capture and audience management logged separately.

Analytics Implementation

Silverlight application is projected to utilize impending Silverlight analytics control which would track and reports data in automation directed to the IIS Advanced Logging Extension. Advance Logging module procedurally methodizes the parsing of data and then subsequently write the variables directly to a file housed on the IIS Server itself. This as well displays real-time data directly into the analytics service.

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