Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Database Manager - IIS Extension  

IIS Database Manager provides straightforward local and remote database management with functionality rooted within IIS Manager. IIS Database Manager procedurally discovers Web server or application based configuration databases in automation, this then delivers parallel connection to any database that is connected within a network.


Administer Remote and local database Administration through IIS Manager


IIS Database Manager can be utilized by remote site owners and local administrators by respective privilege delegations. In the event that a connection has been established, users are permitted to access and perform editing of existent tables, data supplementation and data editing, table creation, key indexing and modification, SQL query execution and, etc.


Convenient Data Querying


Stored connection string pre-loading within the configuration system provides proficiency and convenience for data interaction. Also, the store up of views and procedure variables while simultaneous to allowing server administrators the convenience of control maintenance over manageable databases.


Microsoft SQL Server databases backup and restore processes using IIS Manager


IIS Database Manager grants IT administrators the capability to back up and restore Microsoft SQL Server databases operations housed under IIS Manager. Also, delegation of Windows Authentication and SQL Authentication is delegated to IIS users classified as an administrative process.


Functional Attributes


  • MySQL databases or Microsoft SQL Server Management:
    • Adding, renaming, drop, and editing tables
    • Primary keys management and viewing as foreign keys and indexes 
    • Data editing
    • Multiple databases connections establishment
    • Queries creation and execution
    • Stored procedures and views creation, deletion and alteration
    • Local and remote database management from a local user machine
  • Microsoft SQL Server databases backup and restoration
  • IIS 7 Manager remote management feature over a firewall-friendly utilized in remote SQL Server management
  • Public extensibility platform which triggers the production of providers for database support
  • SQL 2008/2005 and MySQL Compatibility feature
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