Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Search Engine Optimization Toolkit for IIS 7.0 and 7.5  

The IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit aids Web server administrators in the improvisation of variables for a specific web site’s search results through recommendations for a search engine-friendly content.


The IIS SEO Toolkit is inclusive of features alike the Robots Exclusion module, Site Analysis module, Site Indexes module and Sitemaps allowing analysis in detailed form and delivers editing and further recommendations.


Web site quality traffic volume enhancement


Site Analysis module permits users the utilization of procedural analytics through external Web sites for the target of site content optimization, URLs and engine crawlers usability and structure.


Web content search engines access and display control


The Robots Exclusion module grants Web site owners to alter and reconfigure robots.txt file that is housed within the IIS Manager interface. These alterations can control particular URL indexing and access blockage for search engine crawlers.


Search engines unavailable location identification upon indexing


Sitemap and Site Indexed provides Web site owners manageability over sitemap files and sitemap indexes specific to applications in maintaining search engines updated.


Site Analysis Features


  • Crawler engine
    • Concurrent requests configurable count for Web site crawling, configurable from 1 to 16 concurrent requests
    • Robots.txt support for location customization as to which location should  be ignored for indexing
    • Sitemap files support  for supplemented location analysis
    • ‘Noindex’ and ‘nofollow’ metatags overriding support
    • Maximum number of URLs to download and maximum count of kilobytes to download per URL configuration support
    • Site and sub domains configurable content inclusion
  • Rich dashboard Web analysis summary detail viewing
  • Query Builder interface for custom reports
  • Common tasks quick access
  • URL detailed information display

Robots Exclusion Attributes


  • User interface Robots display
  • Filtering, grouping, and sorting support
  • ‘Disallow’ and ‘allow’ paths supplementation through Web site’s logical view rooted from the site analysis processing result
  • Sitemap locations supplementation

Sitemap and Sitemap Index Attributes


  • Sitemaps and sitemap index files display on a plain interface
  • Grouping and sorting support
  • Add/edit/remove sitemap and sitemap index files feature
  • New URL’s supplementation to sitemap and sitemap index files through Web site’s physical or logical view
  • Sitemap or sitemap index robots exclusion file feature
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