Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Windows PowerShell Snap-In for IIS 7.5  

Windows PowerShell Snap-In for IIS 7.0 warrants hosting providers and Web administrators the easy automation of IIS 7.0 administration task variables like, configuration management for Windows PowerShell and run-time data, Web site creation, and etc. Cmdlets (cmdlets) can be utilized to leverage IIS 7.0 paralleled for Windows PowerShell Snap-In.


Web site administration simplification through administrative task scripting


Productivity and control is achievable through IIS 7.0 cmdlets for the automation of complex and repetitive variables like website creation, handler supplementation and request tracing.



Simplified repetitive administrative tasks execution bridged over servers


Windows PowerShell straightforward incorporation permits the Windows PowerShell console simplified tasks execution over a single or multiple Web sites and servers. Utilizing IIS7 PowerShell Snap-In makes the job easy with IIS7 configuration and hierarchical file navigation on a particular hard drive.



Metrics consolidation rooted from servers in real-time mode


The Windows PowerShell Snap-In for IIS 7.0 grants user access to complex and enhanced attributes which richly functions for key metrics consolidation rooted from Web sites like application pools, attended requests per second and Web site status. The creation of score cards, several ad-hoc responses and other business rules are achieved by aggregating particular metrics.



Functional Attributes


  • Plain incorporation with Windows PowerShell run-time variables
  • Task-based and low-level cmdlets particular to IIS grants administrators to:
    • Supplement of alter configuration properties specific for Application Pools, Virtual Directories and Web-Sites
    • Advanced configuration tasks which are of executable nature
    • Windows PowerShell Snap-Ins and existing scripts integration
    • HTTP requests current execution through query run-time data such like application pools and Web site status


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