Saturday, April 20, 2019
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IIS Dynamic IP Restrictions  

IIS Dynamic IP Restrictions Extension grants hosters and IT administrators a particular module which has of configurable nature, this then aids the blockage of mitigation of Denial of Service Attacks or password decoding/cracking by the utilization of Brute-force as a temporal block for IP addresses of specific HTTP clients. This type of module is configurable through levels and variables based on Web Server and Web Site attributes and targeted blockage.


Denial of Service attack reduction through dynamical blocking requests rooted though malicious IP addresses


Dynamic IP Restrictions for IIS procedurally inspects the source of IP and request variables and as well identifies the patters which may be signaled as an attack. Upon detection, the module classifies it as an offending IP and will categorically be listed under a temporal deny list, thus will cut any response at certain timescale.


Web Server password Brute-force-cracking minimization


Dynamic IP Restrictions for IIS has the capability in request patterns detection which identifies Web Server passwords maliciously attempted for decoding.


Functional Attributes


  • IIS 7.0 Manager plain incorporation
  • Dynamical IP address request blocking:
    • Concurrent requests count
    • Requests count of period of timescale
  • IP Support list Dynamic IP Restriction filtering bypass variables
  • Web Site or Web Server level configurable requests blocking
  • Configurable deny actions. Module support return status codes 403, 404 or closing the connection.
  • IPv6 addresses support
  • Web servers behind a proxy or firewall support which allows alteration of the client IP address.
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