Saturday, April 20, 2019
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UrlScan 3.1 for IIS 7.5  

UrlScan 3.1 labeled as a security tool which is used in restricting certain classes of HTTP requests which call for IIS in processing. This blocks HTTP requests and aid in the deterrence of probable damaging requests from scoping applications over a particular server. UrlScan 3.1 is variably an update to UrlScan 2.5 which supports IIS 5.1, IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0 that are platformed over Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.



Potentially Damaging requests deterrence from reaching Web applications


UrlScan 3.1 procedurally filters incoming web request directed to a server through screening request based on rule which has been pre-determined by the administrator. This ensures that an only valid request passes through.



SQL injection attacks mitigation


UrlScan 3.1 is configurable to effectively screen HTTP query string variables and as well as other HTTP headers for the procedural SQL injection attacks mitigation.



Log Files Analyzation


UrlScan 3.1 grants W3C formatted logs for simplifying log file analysis by the procedural log parsing identified by Microsoft Log Parser 2.2.



Functional Attributes


  • New installer warrants UrlScan 3.1 direct IIS 5.1, IIS 6.0, and IIS 7.0 installation
  • "Deny" rules creation specific to query string, particular header  and all headers
  • DenyQueryString division within the configuration grants the possibility to  supplicate deny rules particular to query strings with checking options for the query string’s un-escaped version
  • AlwaysAllowedUrls division within the configuration grants the possibility to identify  safe URLs which is oriented to bypassall URL based checks
  • AlwaysAllowedQueryStrings division within the configuration grants identification possibilities for safe query strings which is oriented to bypass all query string checks
  • Escape sequences can be utilized for variables of deny rules paralleled to targeting CRLF and other sequences which are attributed to  non-printable characters
  • Multiple UrlScan instances are installable as site filters with respective rules and configuration encapsulated as UrlScan.ini
  • Altered notifications for UrlScan.ini can be reproduced directed to parallel the function of  IIS worker processes
  • Enhanced W3C formatted logging provides detailed configuration errors contained within the Remarks header.
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